Cabinet Installation

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At Cinkar Kitchen Cabinets & Flooring in Whitter, CA we offer cabinet installation services that result in beautiful cabinetry at affordable rates.

We’ll install your new cabinets with perfect precision and in a timely manner. 

Cabinets hold an important function in the home— they’re a storage place for all the food, supplies, and belongings that your family needs from room to room. Unfortunately, over time cabinets tend to deteriorate inside and out. Other times, you just don’t have enough cabinet space for storage throughout your home. We’ll install new cabinets for you to alleviate these types of inconveniences.

Sure, when it comes to cabinet installation you can always experiment with your DIY skills. But if you don’t have the required skills or patience to install one, then it will definitely work to your benefit to hire a professional cabinet installation company like Cinkar. You absolutely won’t regret it.

Reasons to Hire Professionals for Cabinet Installation

1. Measure Twice, Cut Once

This well-known adage in the cabinet installation industry highlights need for accurate measuring with every project. Cutting errors cannot be corrected, and if you do your own cabinet installation, you will be responsible for all replacement charges. Incorrect measurements can lead to gaps between seams, uneven cabinet surfaces, appliances that don’t fit, and cabinet doors that don’t open properly. And, if you have to restart the entire procedure due to an untimely error, you’ll have to wait even longer to enjoy your new kitchen.

2. Everything Collapses

You don’t want your hard work to be ruined because your gorgeous wooden cabinets aren’t properly mounted. Dishes, glasses, and other cabinet contents will not sit properly within if your cabinets are not installed absolutely plumb and level. Even if the floor and walls aren’t level, a skilled cabinet installer will be able to hang your cabinets appropriately. Even more crucially, if your kitchen cabinets aren’t correctly anchored to the studs and drywall, they could collapse unexpectedly, damaging your priceless china.

3. Hiring a Pro Could Save You Money

Although it may appear to be a financial saving to install your cabinets yourself, this DIY job may end up being more expensive than you planned. Do you have the tools required to install kitchen cabinets? Do you know what tools you’ll need? Buying or renting all of the tools you’ll need could put a significant burden on your budget. Furthermore, you are now tasked with storing all of the tools you may never use again. A professional is already aware of the tools required for the job and has them on hand for even the most difficult of tasks.

If you’re considering installing cabinets for your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen in Whitter, CA and other surrounding areas, look no further than Cinkar. We’re your local and trusted family business with a passion for giving our clients high-quality craftsmanship and services.

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