So you’ve determined that your closet is in desperate need of a makeover! Well, where do you begin? Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes an ideal closet. Because no two people are the same, no two closets should be the same. And it’s not just about measuring, but getting your measurements right is essential. Form follows function, and your closet design should be centered on what it needs to hold first and foremost. You won’t be happy if your clothes don’t fit inside your closet, no matter how lovely the design. Consider the following wardrobe questions before carefully evaluating your available space to determine how to effectively accommodate your own storage requirements into your closet renovation.


What wardrobe considerations do I need to make before remodeling my closet?


Articles of Clothing


Do you hang your shirts on a hanger or fold them in the closet? This is a crucial factor to consider when deciding how much hanging versus shelving space you require.

Do you hang your slacks the long way or fold them and hang them? Folded pants take up less vertical space and are thus an excellent fit for a double hang closet section. Additionally, specific pull-out racks are available to store pants in this manner. They do, however, take up more horizontal space on the rod than trousers hanging on pant hangers the long way from the cuff or waist. Some people dislike folding their pants on a hanger because they believe it leaves a crease or mark where the pants touched the hanger’s bar. Hanging pants the long way necessitates the use of an appropriately sized medium hang clothing rod segment.




Do you want a spot to sit in the closet to put on your shoes? There are a variety of ways to incorporate sitting into a closet, each with its own set of space constraints. You can go fancy by incorporating a custom seat into the closet structure, or you can simply leave room for a chair.


What size shoes do you wear? The larger the size of your shoes, the more shelf space you will require. Each pair of men’s shoes requires around 9-10 inches of shelf space and each pair of women’s shoes need approximately 7-8 inches of shelf space.

What is the height of your tallest pair of shoes? This will decide how much room is needed between the shelves.


Handbags, belts, and jewelry


What is the height and depth of your tallest and deepest handbag? The size and spacing of your purse storage solution will be determined by this measurement.


What number of belts do you own? Do you want them rolled, or do you prefer them hung in the closet? If you roll your belts, you can keep them in drawers and organize them with dividers, or you can place them in specifically created cubbies. Hooks or a telescoping rack that comes out are a practical and tidy method to store your belts if you hang them.